Putting outfits together can be a pain in winter. 

Because of the freezing temperatures, you always end up looking like a puffy marshmallow, no matter how hard you try to stay stylish. 

If you need some tips on winter fashion, this guide is here to make sure you look good while preventing the cold from seeping into your countless layers.


Check the Weather Report

This is a highly recommended and practical way (which is why it’s the first tip) to stay warm in winter. By knowing the temperatures and the windiness of the day, you can dress accordingly.

It’s surprising how many people don’t check the temperatures before they don their outfits. They later complain that they’re not dressed warm enough, and repeat the same mistake the next day or wear way too much some other day. 

With just a click or two, you can save yourself from shaking all day.

Another helpful thing to do is to take note of what kind of outfits and how many layers you wear under a certain temperature. 

  • If a layer or two under a smart wool coat works for you when it’s 50 °F (10 °C) out, write that down.
  • If you need a padded jacket on a rainy day even when it’s 60 °F (15 °C), remember that
  • If you find yourself always wearing a padded parka along with layers underneath and all sorts of winter accessories when it’s 20 °F (-6 °C) out, take note of that. 

By knowing what and how much to wear in a certain type of weather is a great way to determine your outfit of the day, and it will save you time as well.


Think about the Location & Time You’ll Spend Outside

Ask yourself this because the temperature varies (even in the same city) depending on where you are.

Without a doubt, cities are almost always warmer than the countryside or hiking trails. 

If you are going to be in the city center for most of your day, then your double-breasted wool coat should be enough to keep you warm.

If you’re planning on taking a walk in the scenic countryside, then you might want to choose an outfit that is better at retaining body heat.

It is also a good idea to take the time you’ll spend outside into account.

If you’re in the city, but you spend most of your time sightseeing on the streets, then you could consider a wind-proof padded coat instead of your smart wool coat.

On the other hand, if you’re in the countryside, but you’re spending most of your time close to the fire in a wooden cabin, then you’ll probably do just fine without your insulated coat.


Layer, Layer, Layer

I know, I know, this tip is in every “how to stay warm in winter” article, but that proves just how important it is!

Layering allows you to take off and put on clothes when necessary. You can take off excess layers when you’re inside a store and put them back on when you’re leaving the warm indoors.

The number of layers needed to stay warm depends on you. For the first layer, remember to wear something that’s not made of cotton because it’ll absorb moisture but it will not evaporate. This means it might make you colder as time goes by. 


Items to Help You Stay Cozy & Warm

Now you have learned some tips that make sure you dress warm enough, it’s time to check if you have all the essentials required for winter.


Cheerful young woman with eyes closed covering mouth with turtleneck

Turtleneck sweaters are must-haves for winter!
Photo: Lina Kivaka / Pexels


Turtleneck sweaters are super chic and they help keep you warm by trapping the heat. If you feel that wearing turtlenecks suffocate you, you can go for a mock neck sweater or use a scarf instead.

Wind-proof Outerwear

Woman wearing a brown jacket looking towards her left

Block out the wind with wind-proof jackets!
Photo: JACK REDGATE / Pexels


Wind-proof jackets and coats are better than those that are not wind-proof. Surely everyone has noticed that it feels much colder when it’s windy, so blocking out the wind is recommended for keeping warm.

When it’s windy, drafts of cold air are blown in your direction. This replaces the heat in your layers with cold air, which is why you are likely to get cold faster.

With the outer layer of your outfit being wind-proof, you can trap heat more easily. 

Fleece-lined leggings

Woman in black leggings sitting on the floor

Fleece-lined leggings will keep your legs warm!

Fleece-lined leggings are practical during the colder months. The fleece is not only soft to the touch, they also serve as a barrier between you and the cold.

These leggings make it possible to wear dresses and skirts in winter without freezing your bum off. They are also a great layering piece under your jeans or pants if it is beyond freezing. Fleece-lined leggings are also super comfy, so you can totally lounge in them as well.

Fluffy Everything

Woman in turquoise hoodie and pants sitting

Fluffy hoodies will help you survive winter in the coziest way possible!

Fluffy items are not just for lounging, they are also great for casual winter outfits.

Just wear this like you would an oversized sweatshirt. That means you can pair them with skinny jeans or even leggings along with boots. Throw on a coat and you have yourself a cute outfit for winter.


Fleece-lined socks

Two people in socks before the fireplace

With fuzzy socks, you can say goodbye to cold feet 
Photo: Taryn Elliot / Pexels

Fuzzy socks or thermal socks help with keeping your toes warm, and it is especially helpful for those whose feet are perpetually cold.

It is also a good idea to get longer socks because they can give you extra warmth around your lower calves. If your pants and jeans are cropped, longer socks also make sure you won’t have cold ankles.

Remember to bring another pair with you if it rains or snows a lot where you live, as none of us likes wearing wet socks. 

Trusty winter boots

Person wearing brown boots and blue jeans standing in the snow

Be well equipped for winter with a pair of winter boots!
Photo: freestocks.co / Pexels

Needless to say, boots are essential in winter. However, the pair that works for you depends on where you live.

If you live in a city that rarely snows, then a pair of leather booties or knee-high boots could do the trick.

If you live in a place where -20 °F (-29 °C) weather is a norm in winter, then you might want to be better equipped for that by investing in a pair of waterproof insulated boots with non-slip rubber soles.

It is also a great idea to have both kinds because you’ll have boots to wear for different seasons this way. Besides, you can never have too many pairs of shoes.

Cozy Winter Accessories

Woman wearing a beanie and scarf smiling

Use anything that helps you stay warm to survive winter!
Photo: freestocks.org / Pexels


By accessories, I mean beanies, scarves, gloves, ear muffs, you name it. Anything that helps with trapping body heat is welcomed, and those items are crucial for your winter survival.

These accessories are not only practical during the colder months, but they are also pieces that you can use to up your fashion game in winter.

You can add a pop of color into your all-black outfits with bright beanies, and you can add some visual interests to your looks by putting on a printed scarf. 


Outfit Ideas for the Freezing Months

Now that you know the essentials for staying toasty, it’s time to look at how those items can be combined to create a stylish winter look. Below are some stylish outfit ideas that are fit for a hike or a day in the city.

Create a Waistline

Woman in a black coat standing in the snow

Copy this chic winter look from this former model
Photo: Isabelle Quinn / The Belle Avenue

One of the most annoying things about puffer coats is looking like a marshmallow after donning them. However, the designers have heard our cries, and there are many puffer coats with belts that can solve this problem!

This model-off-duty look is suitable for a day in the city. A belted coat makes your waistline visible, so you won’t have to sacrifice style for warmth. 

In terms of what to wear underneath the coat, just put on a simple sweater and a pair of jeans. For shoes, you can go for either booties or knee-high boots lined with faux fur.

This outfit works in every color, and if you find the all-black look too edgy, add some colorful accessories, like a pastel pink beanie or backpack.


Color Coordination

Woman in a tan coat and black leggings walking in the snow
Match the colors of different items to have a put-together look!
Photo: Blair Eadie / Atlantic-Pacific

For ladies who prefer a smart coat over padded ones, this one's for you.

We all know that even though pea coats look great, they are not the best at warding off the cold. To wear these preppy coats during the colder months, layering is key.

This fashion blogger started her outfit with a grey sweater and a pair of fleece-lined leggings. To go with the preppy look, she then added a gingham skirt and a plaid blazer over the base outfit before donning the tan wool coat. 

She added a plaid scarf to keep with the theme and keep herself warm. By matching the colors of her boots, coat, and the highlight on her scarf, she created a look that is both smart and cozy.


When in Doubt, Go All-Black

Woman in a black padded coat walking in the snow

The color black never disappoints!
Photo: Becky Hillyard / Cella Jane


A monotone look is sleek and chic, and it applies to winter apparel as well.

For a stroll in the woods, this fashion blogger put on a sweater and a pair of mesh leggings under her puffer coat. She also had on a pair of black boots as well as a pair of long white socks to match with her white beanie.

If you’re more of a city girl, and the outdoorsy vibe doesn’t suit you, you can modify this outfit into one that’s more fit for your urban style.

To do that, you can switch those winter boots to your trendy heeled booties or over-the-knee boots, and you can opt for a pair of jeans or leather leggings instead of workout leggings. 

By simply switching some items, you can transform a sporty outfit into a modern urban look.


Or the Opposite of All-Black

Woman in a red coat and jeans standing on a rocky surface

Who says you can only wear dark colors in winter?
Photo: Alyssa Campanella / TheAList.me


If this energetic outfit helped her survive the unrelenting weather of the Land of Ice and Fire, then it will surely help you stay warm as well.

Since this outfit is meant for outdoor activities, everything from the list of winter essentials is worn. This former Miss America has on a black turtleneck and a pair of classic blue jeans for her base outfit. She added a hooded fleece jacket under the red parka for extra warmth. 

For accessories, she chose ones that have details in red to match with her parka, like the beanie with a red pompom, and waterproof boots with red shoelaces. Long woolen socks were also worn to keep her toes warm on her hike. 

Depending on how resistant your lower body is to the cold, you can layer a pair of fleece-lined leggings underneath your skinny jeans to keep your bum toasty.

This practical look is put-together, and the pop of color makes it stand out. The outdoorsy vibe and functionality of this outfit make it great for adventure seekers who love spending time in nature.


Dressing in winter can be hard because you’re constantly choosing between style and warmth.

With these tips and outfit ideas, you won’t have to sacrifice either of them for the other, for you can both stay warm and fashionable if you put some thought into your winter outfits.