Leggings are essential to anyone’s wardrobe because they provide comfort and are great for working out. However, leggings are more than simple loungewear and sportswear. When styled the right way, they can be the foundation for many outfits. This article will give you some simple outfit ideas as well as tips for putting together simple outfits with leggings.

Combining clothes with simple leggings

Because of their casual and sporty vibe, leggings are great for putting together simple outfits.

To start combining clothes, put on a t-shirt and a pair of simple leggings. This combination is a great foundation of many outfits because it is already an outfit on its own, and you can build outfits of any style from it.

Denim Jacket with leggings

The layering piece and accessories you add to this t-shirt and leggings combo helps determine the vibe and style of your outfit.

To keep it casual, a denim jacket or a plaid shirt does the trick.

For accessories, your comfortable trainers keep the outfit laid back, and you can add a cap to achieve that casual yet chic look.

This outfit idea is perfect for everyday wear.

It is easy to put on, and you’ll look effortlessly chic even when you’re just getting groceries.

Black Jeans with leather jacket


The style changes completely when the layering piece and shoes are changed. By swapping the denim jacket for a leather one and zipping on a pair of heeled booties, the outfit suddenly receives an edgy make-over.

This simple outfit is quick to put on, and it is guaranteed to turn heads on your night out.


Choosing the right outfit for the right occasion

To make the right choice for each occasion, the texture and color of leggings have important roles to play.

Your regular yoga leggings work just fine for the gym and casual everyday wear, but if you are putting together an outfit for work, you might want something that looks more formal.

 Sophisticated Outfit Idea

The formal workplace calls for something more conservative, so those bright or printed leggings should stay home.

Go for leggings that are darker, like black or navy. It is also important to choose leggings that are thicker. You don’t want to accidentally flash your co-worker when you bend down to pick something up. Balance the casual and athletic vibe of your leggings by wearing something structured on top, like a shirt or a tunic.

For the finishing touch, put on your heels and blazer to add more professionalism to the look.

Chic Outfit Idea

For a party, the only rule is to wear whatever you feel great in!

This is the time for those faux leather or vinyl leggings to shine. Pair your leggings with a crop top, cami, or a body.

Don’t have party clothes? Just wear a shirt.

Keep it unbuttoned and tie it in the front to show some skin. A tied shirt is a great option because you can adjust the shirt according to how hot you want to look, and you can add a lacy or strappy bralette underneath for additional sexy details.