The temperature drops and the decorations are up, and the greens and reds signal that the festive season is finally here again. It’s that time of the year when you finally get some well-earned days off and quality time with your loved ones after everything this brutal year threw at you.

Sure, this Christmas season is a little different than previous ones. There might not be parties, restaurants and pubs might be closed, and you have to wear facemasks everywhere. Even though many events have been canceled, Christmas is not. You still get your holiday, family dinners, and presents!

And if you’re on this page, you’re probably not done with gift shopping, and you likely haven’t decided on what to get just yet. Don’t worry because this guide is here to help you, and it will tell you how to get the perfect gift for that special lady in your life.

No matter if you’re getting something for your girlfriend, or if you’re buying presents for your sis, this guide has covered it all. If you’re out of ideas (and out of time), here are some tips on how to get the perfect gift for her and 10 gift ideas.


What Should I Get Her?

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Here’s some tips to help you figure that out (Photo by Any Lane from Pexels)

If you have your mind set on getting her clothing items as gifts this year but still have no idea what to buy, here are some questions to ask that might inspire you.

  • What has she been talking about?
  • What does she need?
  • What does she wear the most?
  • What is her favorite color?
  • What does she like?

These questions help you identify what she might want for Christmas. If not, at least you’ll be able to narrow your choices down.

For example, if you’re thinking about buying her a fringe jacket, ask yourself some questions first.

Have you ever seen her wearing a fringe jacket or anything with fringes?

If the answer to that question is a no, chances are, she might not be that into this style as you had previously assumed, and a fringe jacket might not be the best idea. On the other hand, if she wears something of the kind often, then she’ll probably welcome another one into her closet.

Another great way to get more ideas is by thinking about what she might need, and it starts by noticing the small things in everyday life.

If you think her sweater has seen better days, then buy a sweater for her in her favorite color or print.

If you noticed that her leggings are pilling and covered with fuzz balls, then get her a new pair that’s comfortable.

You show her how sweet and thoughtful you are by gifting her these things, and she will surely appreciate that.

It is also helpful when you ask yourself the negative version of these questions.

  • What doesn’t she like?
  • Which color doesn’t she like?
  • What doesn’t she need?


Asking these questions is helpful because you can avoid getting her the wrong gifts.

If she’s not fond of crop tops, then steer clear of them.

If she finds necklaces totally unnecessary, then don’t even consider them.

If she doesn’t like wearing yellow, then don’t get anything in that color.

This way, you can prevent that trip to the store for a refund on a gift, and the stuff you bought her won’t just sit in some corner of her room collecting dust.

If after all these tips you still have no idea what to get, here are 10 gift ideas for her that just might help.


For the Fitness Enthusiast

 woman in dark green leggings and white trainers

Help her stay stylish in the gym with cool leggings!

If this lady you’re getting gifts for is a fitness enthusiast, this item is going to suit her very well. These leggings look flattering on any figure, and the special details will make anyone stand out in them.

With a high-waisted design, these leggings will define her waist and elongate her legs. Not only that, but the high waistline also makes it very comfortable for wearing, and comfort is key to every regular gym-goer.

The small cut-outs on the side not only help with keeping her cool while she’s sweating it out in the gym, but they are also a unique design that gives her gym looks a stylish upgrade.


For the One Who Is Always Cold

 Woman in grey sweatpants and trainers sitting in a room

Help her stay warm with these practical sweatpants!

If she is always complaining about how cold she is, then help her out by getting her something that will keep her warm. Fleece-lined sweatpants are a great option because it was designed to, well, keep the wearer warm. Since athleisure is in style, she can totally wear these out, too!

Put on a hoodie and a pair of trainers and add a double-breasted coat to finish the outfit, and she’ll be able to rock this casual yet chic look that’s all the rage right now. With fleece thickly lined on the inside, she won’t have to worry about getting cold even when she’s out.


For the Lady with a Colorful Wardrobe

 Woman in neon sports bra and leggings

These are great for those who love colors!

If you are buying gifts for someone who loves vibrant colors, she will welcome some colorful sports bras into her wardrobe.

Most sports bras come in only neutral or dark colors, but not these. These sports bras come in 10 different colors, so you’ll be able to pick one out in her favorite hue.

These sports bras provide great support, and they are a great workout buddy. If she’s not into fitness, these sports bras are still great because they are comfortable and can be worn as regular bras under sweatshirts and long-sleeved tops.

For those who love incorporating color into their wardrobe, this gift will certainly make them happy.


For the Fashionista Who Wants Both Style and Warmth

 Woman in black leather leggings and booties sitting on the floor

Look stylish while staying warm in fleece-lined leather leggings!

If the lady you’re buying gifts does not like to compromise style for warmth, then fleece-lined leggings are perfect for her. For fashionistas, leather leggings are a must-have.

They are versatile because they can be incorporated into different styles, like grunge, glam, and even athleisure. They can be dressed up with heeled booties and a shirt, and they can also be dressed down with a pair of sneakers and an oversized sweatshirt.

Leather leggings are totally in, and fleece-lined ones don’t just look good, they keep her warm as well. On the outside, they look sleek and sexy, and on the inside, they are lined with soft fleece that guarantees warmth even on an extra chilly day.

Fleece-lined leather leggings are the best of both worlds as they have both style and function, and they will certainly become one of her go-to pieces in winter.


For the Lady Who Lives in Fluffy Clothes

 Woman in a purple fluffy hoodie standing in the snow

It can’t get any cozier than this!


If this lady you’re buying gifts for has lots of clothes that have the same texture as the hoodie in the picture, chances are she won’t mind an additional fluffy piece. With a hoodie that feels so comfy, she’ll start living in it as soon as she tears open the packages.

Fluffy hoodies are one of the most sought-after pieces for winter. They are not just for lounging at home, they can also be worn when she’s out. Just wear it like a normal hoodie, and she’ll have a casual outfit. The fluffy version gives off the same casual vibe as regular ones do, and as an added advantage it will keep her warm all day.

The fleece is soft to the touch, and she won’t be able to stop petting it. She will also feel so comfy and cozy wearing it, and she’s not going to say no to this sweet gift.


For the Lady with Icy Toes

 Pink fuzzy socks and grey leggings

Keep her feet warm with these fuzzy socks!

Is she always complaining about her freezing toes once the colder seasons hit? If so, she is going to thank you for getting her this present. Fuzzy socks are designed to be soft and warm. Being fleece-lined on the inside, they are very efficient in keeping one’s feet warm. Due to their popularity, you can get them in a variety of colors.

They aren’t just for wearing at home. By swapping regular socks with these in winter, her feet will be better insulated, and she can go outside without feeling the cold creeping in from the soles of her shoes.

With a guarantee of warmth from these socks, they’re a thoughtful and practical gift that will warm not just her feet, but her heart as well.


For the Trendsetter Who Is Always in Style

 Woman in a purple crop top and shorts standing

Bike shorts are popular among fashionistas.

Bike shorts
 are one of the most sought-after items this summer, and they are definitely still in style. If she is always after the latest styles, she is sure to know about this trend and is likely to be obsessed with it as well.

Since these shorts were originally designed for bike racers, they are stretchy, comfortable, and great for working out as well. Even if she’s not so hot on this style, she will still be able to wear them while working out at home or in the gym.

Even though no one is wearing them right now due to the weather, you can count on bike shorts coming back as one of the key items in fashion once the weather becomes warmer again next spring and summer.


For the worshipers of Athleisure

 Woman in a blue crop top and shorts standing

This top will soon become athleisure lovers’ go-to!

Athleisure is, without a doubt, one of the most popular styles in recent years, and it is still trending. If the term “athleisure” is simply over your head, here is an article explaining what it is. Casual and sporty are key to achieving that athleisure look, and a sporty crop top is a great item to achieve that.

If she loves this style, then this item will make her very happy. It is easy to style, and it can be worn when one is simply lounging at home or out to lunch. A regular athletic crop top will do the trick, but finger holes give off more sporty vibes. They keep the sleeves in place during workouts, and they look cool when worn with jeans and booties.


For the Lady Who Wants to Start Working Out

 Woman in pink leggings and white crop top sitting

Get her some cool-looking items to motivate her!

Nothing encourages working out like new workout clothes. No, seriously, just by simply putting on workout clothes, people feel inspired to hit the gym even when they are not feeling it prior to gearing up. This survey also revealed that for 85% of gym-goers, a workout outfit that looks cool boosts their confidence.

As you can see, getting new workout clothes is crucial to start exercising, so getting your girl some cool-looking gym items will greatly help her to stick to her word and get started in working out. If you don’t know what to get her, workout leggings are a no-brainer.

They will look great on her and motivate her to start exercising, and even if she doesn’t, they are still practical pieces to have in her wardrobe.


For the Lady Who Puts Comfort Before Anything Else

 Woman in grey yoga pants standing

Give her something you know she’ll wear!


Since we are spending more time at home than ever before during this pandemic, good-looking and comfortable loungewear is key. If the lady you are getting gifts for is practical and places huge importance on the functions and comfort of a piece of clothing, then these loose yoga pants are just for her.

The fabric of these pants is smooth and soft, and unlike other yoga pants, they are loose, which provides extra comfort. They are great alternatives for those who don’t feel comfortable wearing skin-tight leggings.

Loose yoga pants are great for working out and lounging at home, and they can be worn out when she’s running errands and getting groceries. Plus, they have pockets, something your practical lady will definitely appreciate.

Finally, do remember that the best gift ideas come from the heart. 

That special lady in your life wants to know that you care about her, so spend some time and put some thought into your choice of gifts. She will get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside and love you all the more.

After all, it’s the thought that counts.