We all know how easy it is to style black leggings. They are probably your go-to, for they are easy to style and very versatile (black does go with everything).

Colorful leggings, on the other hand, might not be the first to come to mind when you are putting together an outfit.

However, when styled the right way, colored leggings can be great for everyday wear. They make you stand out from a crowd of neutral tones, and they make for a great layering piece when it gets cold.

This year, instead of sticking with darker colors, pull out your colored leggings (or get some new ones) during the colder months! Let this article inspire you to put together new outfits and try new styles.

Green Leggings Outfit

Woman wearing green leggings and a dark blazer sitting outside

Pair green with earthy tones!
(Photo: Delmy Rivera / Fashion Bananas)

The color green works well with earthy tones.

Pair your green leggings with a cream-colored sweater and put on taupe or brown booties. If you decide to expose your socks, match their color with your sweater’s to tie the whole outfit together.

To finish the look, put on a blazer in a darker color or an earthy hue. This stylish outfit will keep you warm, and it is great for work or a shopping spree.


Red Leggings Outfit

Woman in a pink hoodie and red leggings standing outside

Pairing red with pink is still in style!
(Photo: Jenny Mehlmann / The Hungarian Brunette )

Remember that trend of pairing red with pink that was all the rage just a while ago? It is still in style.

Try out this colorful trend (and the athleisure trend) by pairing red leggings with a pink sweatshirt or hoodie. To get a sporty look, finish the outfit with a pair of white chunky trainers and a baseball cap.

This energetic color combination is sure to turn heads, and it is a great way to incorporate color into your everyday outfits.

Blue Leggings Outfit

Woman wearing a blue dress and leggings standing on the pavement

Go for a monotone outfit!
(Photo: Valentina / Fashion and Cookies)

Not good at combining colors? Try dressing in the same color.

Layer blue leggings under a blue or denim dress for that monotone look. Put on a blue jacket that is a shade darker to add dimension to the outfit. For shoes, your black booties work just fine for this look.

Alternatively, you can put on a blue pair if you’re feeling bold.

This outfit works in every color of the rainbow, so all you have to do is to find a color you like to try this trend out.

Purple Leggings Outfit

Woman in a sweater and purple leggings sitting outside

This look works even if your purple leggings do not have a faux leather finish!(Photo: Brittany Xavier)

Spice up your regular everyday outfits by pairing your neutral pieces with colored leggings!

For this outfit, put on your oversized neutral or black sweater along with your purple leggings. Complete the outfit with some heels and add another pop of color with a red handbag.

This elegant outfit can be worn every day, and you can change the color of your top to create more stylish looks.


Mustard Leggings Outfit

Woman in mustard shirt and dark skirt standing outside

Match the colors!
(Photo: Ashlyn / Triple Thread)

Brighten up your black skirt and boots with a pair of mustard leggings!

Pair your mustard leggings with a printed shirt in the same color to tie in the look. You can go for a pair of rainboots on a rainy day, but your knee-high riding boots work just as well for this look.

This color combination is great for fall, but of course, you can wear it whenever you like.

Now that you know how to look great in colorful leggings, it is time to try them out.

This year, give your neutral sweaters and black leggings a break by experimenting with new combinations, being bolder with your choice of outfits, and wearing something more colorful instead.