The camo print has been around ever since its surge to popularity in the 80s, and recently it is taking center stage in fashion again. This versatile print looks great on lots of clothing items, and it makes basic outfits more interesting.

The camo print is quickly becoming a favorite to designers, celebrities, and influencers. It cannot be denied that this military print is fully back in style, and this article is here to give you some outfit ideas on how to wear this trend.

Camo Top Outfit

Woman in black jeans and camouflage t-shirt standing

Add some prints to your outfit with a camo top! (Source: Sara / Haute and Humid)

The camo print was originally designed for the military to hide in nature, so it naturally goes well with all earthy tones!

You can pair most of your neutral items with a camo top. Pair your camo top with black jeans, and then accessorize with neutral items like a brown belt and taupe booties.

On a chillier day, just switch the camo t-shirt to a long-sleeve camo top and add a taupe or brown leather jacket. This print is versatile, and you can pair it with both light and dark colors to create the look you want.


Camo Shirt Outfit

Woman in blue jeans and camouflage shirt standing

A camo shirt is a very versatile piece! (Source: Amanda L. Conquer / Life with A.Co)

This is probably the most popular way of wearing the camo print. Make your basic outfits consisting of a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers more interesting by putting a camo shirt on top.

This outfit also works if the base outfit is all in black, and you can change the vibe of the outfit just by wearing different shoes. For example:

  • If you want a sexier look, switch to heels.
  • If you are after an edgy vibe, consider studded leather booties.
  • If you just want a casual outfit, your trusty sneakers work just fine.

By wearing a camo shirt, you can spice up your ordinary outfits with some prints. It is also quick and easy to wear, just add it on top of your outfit and you’re done!

Camo Leggings Outfit

Woman in camouflage leggings and denim jacket standing

Wear this military print the feminine way! (Source: Rachel / Pinteresting Plans)

You can look classy and elegant in camo by pairing feminine items with this military print for a balanced look.

Put on a white tank top along with your camo leggings. Next, add a light blue denim jacket with ruffles and a pair of nude pumps to soften the look.

Camo is not just for grunge fashion and alternative styles. With these feminine touches, this print can also be worn by ladies with a more sophisticated style.

Baggy Camo Pants Outfit

Woman in baggy camouflage pants and a black top sitting

Camo printed items are bad gals’ best friends! (Source: Julia Marie B)

Camo printed items are great for you if your style is described as that of a “bad girl’s.”

Wearing baggy camo pants is another popular way of styling camo printed clothes. These pants go well with anything in black. Pair it with a tight turtleneck and block-heeled booties, and your outfit will instantly receive a badass upgrade.

For the summer version of this outfit, you can wear these camo pants with a cami or a crop top along with lace-up heeled sandals. This outfit is sexy, and it is a great look for a date.

Camo is not just for Halloween costumes or 80s fashion. Style it right, and you can rock this military print however you like. No matter which personal style you have, clothing items in this print are great additions to your wardrobe.