Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Sadly, not everyone is aware of that. Media representation and unspoken societal expectations can negatively influence how one feels about his or her body. Read on and learn how to foster a healthy attitude towards body image.

Accepting that each body is different

The first step to having a healthy body image is to accept that no two bodies are the same.

This seemingly simple concept has proven to be something difficult to believe in because the media seems to be showing us the complete opposite: There is only one way of being beautiful, and if you don’t fit in this category, then you’re not.

However, the truth is that most beauty standards today are not realistic or attainable, but they are mainstream because most stars and influencers look that way. Being exposed to so much of this toxic information, it is hard to believe otherwise.

Realize that in today’s digital world, many things you see online are probably fake.

People have access to countless apps that can smoothen their skin and change their body shape. Other than apps, camera angles and poses also help with getting that “sexy” shot.

By taking photos from a lower angle, you create the illusion of mile-long legs; and by tilting your hips back, you fool people into thinking that your waist is tinier than it really is. The list can go on forever, but the point is that with all these technology and techniques to help people fit into that specific category of mainstream beauty, not everything you see is real or realistic.

Diverse Women With Diverse Body Types

Next time you see someone flaunting their “perfect” body online, think before you get swallowed up in the eternal pit of self-criticism. It is not wrong to want to be a better person but criticizing yourself based on an edited photo is not the way to do it.

To accept your body for what it is, practice body positivity and stop comparing yourself with others.


Confidence is the first step to a positive body image

Having a positive body image means that you know your self-worth is not hinged upon how you look. A positive body image comes with acceptance and appreciation of your body, and you will also have a broad definition of beauty instead of a singular beauty standard.

Confidence is crucial to having a positive body image.

We live in a world where people are constantly encouraged to scrutinize themselves and compare their bodies with others, and this is often harmful to their overall wellness. Being low in confidence and dissatisfied with your own body could lead to having a negative body image, and a negative body image could cause illnesses such as depression and eating disorders.

If you are already suffering from having a negative body image, here are some things you can do to welcome confidence and self-acceptance back into your life:

  • Using affirmation quotes is an effective option, for it helps with fostering a more positive view of oneself
  • Making a list of things you do well is also great, for it gives you a satisfying sense of achievement
  • Finally, exercising releases chemicals associated with the feeling of happiness, making it a great confidence-boosting activity. Plus, you get healthier in the process, and who can say not to that?
Illustration of a girl who shows self-love

Confidence is key to fostering a positive body image, and it doesn’t come until you accept yourself for who you are and how you look. Practice self-acceptance along with some confidence-boosting activities, and you are on the right track to having a positive body image.


Making a top-ten list of things that you love about your body

Body neutrality is a great philosophy to follow, for it downplays the importance of appearance. Instead, body neutrality places value on what your body can do.

A great way to start practicing body neutrality is by making a list of things you love about your body.

Good at sports or playing musical instruments? Write them down!

Love how your body can carry you to different places or give great hugs? Put those on the list!

Your body has carried you through highs and lows, and it enables you to do lots of amazing things. None of that would have been possible if it weren’t for your body.

It deserves some love, and you do, too.

Love Your Body

Remind yourself every day of these amazing things about your body and read that list when you are feeling bad about yourself. We are all prone to notice and criticize the things we do not like about ourselves while ignoring the good parts. Stop that vicious cycle by starting to appreciate your body and what it is capable of.

Over time, you will love your body more and find more things that you like about it.

Choosing the right clothes that emphasize your best attributes

Clothes are made for people, and they should fit whoever is wearing them, not the other way around.

Instead of altering your body to make it fit a trendy piece of clothing, find clothes that fit your body well to show off your favorite attributes.

If you love your toned arms - wear sleeveless tops and rock that look.

If you love your killer legs - wear leggings or shorts to show them off.

There is a huge variety of clothes available, and there is something for every style, occasion, and of course, body type.

Rather than following trends, focus on what you like. Try and ask these questions to yourself:

  • What do you like to wear?
  • What’s important to you in an outfit?
  • What do you feel great in?

These are all important questions to ask yourself, and they help with figuring out what types of clothes fit your body and style best. Trends come and go, but your unique body stays with you your entire life, so why change it to fit something that is only going to be there for a little while?

Again, everyone is beautiful in their own way, and that cannot be emphasized enough. By being at peace with your body and appreciating all the amazing things it can do, you are well on your way to having a healthier and happier life.

With an amazing outfit that fits your body and personality, it is time to throw self-criticism out the window and start loving yourself for who you are.