Athleisure is all the rage right now. Since its rise to the spotlight a few years back, it has retained its place in being a top trend in the fashion world.

Want to try out this trend but don’t know how?

This article is here to give you a brief introduction to this sporty style, provide some styling tips, and recommend key items for that laid-back look.

What is athleisure?

For confused boyfriends and fashionistas who are new to this term, the word athleisure might be a bit confusing. If you’re looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place.

So, what exactly is athleisure?

Athleisure is a combination of “athletic” and “leisure,” so it literally means sporty and casual. Sporty and casual are key concepts of athleisure, and there is more to this style.

Athleisure creates a bridge between sports and fashion, and together they become an unstoppable trend by giving each other new functions

Unlike many other styles, in which the main goal is to look good, comfort and practicality might not be the first priorities. Athleisure incorporates comfort and functionality of sportswear into fashion, making fashion practical and comfortable.

On the other hand, sporty items are not just for, well, sports in the athleisure trend, they are fashionable items that can be worn with your other trendy clothes and accessories. This way, it gives your sporty items another purpose.

 Another reason for athleisure’s popularity is its laid-back look.

 With a casual look, sporty clothing items are perfect for everyday wear, and it doesn’t require too much time and effort in putting outfits together. With this style, you can be ready to go out to brunch with your girlfriends or get groceries within minutes, all the while looking stylish. It is perfect for today’s world, in which everyone is constantly short of time.

How Do I Style It?

You might find yourself asking this question if you have never tried this style before. Don’t worry, the athleisure trend is easy to master. Try it out, and it might become your go-to look.

The way to style this trend is to blend athletic items with regular items in your closet

This way, you balance fashion with sportiness and create that chic look many celebrities and influencers are rocking. A great thing about this style is you can add items depending on how sporty and casual you want to look.

  • If you only want a small sporty element in your outfit, add athletic accessories to your regular outfit.

  • If you want more balance between fashion and athleisure, wear your regular clothes with a sporty top or bottom along with some accessories.

  • If you want to look like you’ve just finished a workout session, you can put on all your sportswear and leave your everyday clothes at home.

As you can see, you can change the degree of sportiness depending on what you feel like wearing that day. As long as you have all the key items you need for this trend, you can get imaginative with combining clothes and rock this style.


Key Athleisure Items

Now that you know what the athleisure style is, it’s time to incorporate some of those comfortable pieces into your wardrobe. Below are some of the most important items to achieve that laid-back yet chic look. The good news? You might already own some (or all) of the items listed below.


Top: Sports Bras and Sporty Top

Neon sports bra with leggings

Sports bras are great for this style

Bye-bye shirts and blouses, because in this athletic style, sports bras and sporty tops are best for achieving this look. Sports bras can be worn under your regular leather or denim jacket with jeans or leggings, and you can switch them for workout crop tops or tank tops as well.

In winter, switch to sweatshirts and hoodies to continue wearing this trend. An easy outfit idea is to wear an oversized hoodie with your leggings and trainers. Plus, you’ll stay warm while looking cute. Who can ask for more?


Bottom: Leggings and Sweatpants

Blue leggings with crop top

Leggings keep you comfy and the outfit casual


Leggings and sweatpants are must-haves for this style. You can wear them as alternatives to jeans, and your outfit will immediately have that athletic and laid-back look you’re aiming for.

Leggings and sweatpants work in both hot and cold weather, so you’ll be able to wear them all year round. Besides, they are more comfortable than their denim peers anyway.


Shoes: Trainers and Sporty Sandals

Woman with patterned leggings lacing up black trainers

Opt for trainers instead! (Photo by: Karolina Grabowska / Pexels)

Give your booties a break and wear trainers or sporty sandals instead. Trainers are essential to achieve that sporty and casual look. If you want to wear a blazer or a shirt without looking too formal, then ditch your heels for trainers.

Because of the athleisure trend, there are plenty of sporty sandals options on the market. These sandals are great alternatives to trainers, especially on a hot day. Put on a pair with a sundress and a cap, and your summer outfit will instantly scream athleisure.


Accessories: Caps and Backpacks

Pink cap with color-block windbreaker

Accessorize your athleisure outfit with a cap! (Photo: / Pexels)

To add the finishing touch to an outfit, you can put on some athletic accessories, such as baseball caps, sports watches, and drawstring backpacks. These items are great if you find your outfit too formal or if you just want a little touch of sportiness to your look. By adding just one of these accessories, you give your outfit a more down-to-earth vibe

With comfort, practicality, and that casual yet chic look, athleisure is here to stay

You can easily rock this trend, and you can style it however you want. You can go all out and equip yourself with sporty items from head to toe, or you can just add a small athletic touch to your regular outfits by putting on some athletic accessories.

A rule of thumb in mastering this trend is to wear it with confidence, for that is the key to pulling off athleisure and every other type of style.