The coming of March signals the end of winter, and even though the temperature might not have risen enough to go out in shorts just yet, we will soon be saying goodbye to the gloomy weather.

Here are some new trends that you will see everywhere in spring 2021 and this article will give you some tips on how to slay those styles.

1. Khakis

Woman in khaki pants walking

Try out baggy khaki pants
Photo: Vogue


Khakis have entered every fashionista’s wardrobes, and they’re not just for dads anymore. The neutral and light hue goes with everything, and the relaxed yet structured fit is perfect for styling in spring. 

These comfy pants have also been revamped for 2021. Instead of the classic tapered cigarette fit, we wear them high-waisted and oversized now.

How to Style:

A pair of baggy khaki pants with sports bras or something tight on top (think crop top and cami) form a balanced look, and here are some different styles to try with this outfit.

  • Keep it sporty by putting on a pair of chunky sneakers and adding a windbreaker.
  • Channel your inner rebellious flair with a leather jacket and a pair of classic military boots
  • High heels or strappy sandals make for a great foundation for an outfit that’s more on the glam side.

2. Trench Coats 

Woman in a black outfit and tan trench coat taking a mirror selfie

Go out looking sleek in a trench coat!


Hardly a new trend, but classic trench coats have been here since the 1800s, and they will likely remain as a staple for more centuries to come.

This year, these timeless pieces get an update. Long side slits take center stage and lapels get a dramatic upgrade. This classic wardrobe essential is perfect for the ever-changing weather of spring.

How to Style:

  • Play with formal wear if business casual is your thing. Pair a crisp white shirt with straight leg jeans. For shoes, go for stilettos or loafers to achieve that professional vibe. 
  • Go glam and sexy with leather leggings, heeled booties, and a lacy cami. 
  • If you want a more casual look, style it with your workout leggings and hoodie underneath, and finish the outfit with trusty trainers. 

3. Oversized Shirts

Woman in an oversized shirt walking

Go oversized this spring
Photo: Holly Titheridge / @_hollyt


Why steal your boyfriend’s shirt for that oversized look when you can get your own? With oversized shirts being in style this season, you will be able to find your perfect fit from your favorite shops.

Get your button-downs in size XXL for spring and play with the proportions of your outfits. The billowing silhouette combined with bright colors is what this season is all about.

How to Style:

  • Wear leggings underneath! Complete the look with your fave heels and let your XXL shirt billow.
  • If you want to give your look some shape, cinch in your waist with a statement belt.
  • Layer a slip dress over your shirt to create a sexy look 
  • Style it with a pair of wide-leg slacks and strappy heels to make it work-appropriate (or zoom meeting appropriate)

4. Touches of Sporty Elements

Woman in a pleated skirt and sweat shirt standing on the road

Combine lady-like and sporty for a stylish look 


After working from home for so long, everyone is finding it hard to part with their loungewear, even designers. The good news is that they are definitely in style this season according to Harper’s BAZAAR, so you can go ahead and incorporate your favorite workout leggings and your cozy sweatshirts into your going-out outfits.

Strike a balance between gentle femininity and sportiness by combining pieces from both categories to create a chic contrast. 

How to Style:

  • Wear a sweatshirt with a lady-like pleated skirt, and continue the sporty theme with a pair of chunky sneakers
  • Wear a hoodie under your sleek trench coat a let the hood peek out from behind
  • Toughen up your leggings-and-a-tee uniform with a leather jacket and booties

5. Florals

Woman in red floral dress standing on the road

How can you not wear florals in spring?
Photo: Andreea Birsan / Couturezilla


How can spring fashion be without pretty florals? The coming of spring has rejuvenated prints and colors, so put away the wilted flowers and dark colors and wear something bright that reflects the energy and life this season brings.

This spring, “the brighter the better” seems to the way to go. You’ll find lots of neon flowers and incandescent hues. We all need a bit of that after the cold winter months.


How to Style:

  • Wear a maxi dress with colorful florals and finish the look with booties or heels
  • Get a brightly colored oversized floral shirt and wear that with leggings (since your shirt will be the statement piece, you can get away with wearing any type of leggings)
  • Style a floral top with mom jeans and booties and toughen it up with a leather jacket and some bold lips.

6. Cut Outs


Woman in a cut out t-shirt dress walking among the crowd

Try this new trend that you're going to see everywhere
Photo: Vogue


Since the weather will be getting warmer (hopefully) soon, you can forget about wrapping yourself up in thick sweaters to keep warm. In spring 2021, cut outs are huge and appear in unexpected areas.

Under your ribcage, diamond-shaped ones in the front, random ones all over the sleeves, these are the cut-out trends thriving this season. Whatever you prefer, there are plenty of different styles to choose from.


How to Style:
  • Style your straight leg jeans and a knitted top with cut-out sleeves together, and complete the look with platform boots for a retro vibe
  • Go for a lady-like look with a floral dress with side cut-outs and pair that with your knee-high boots 
  • If you’re new to the trend, start with a top with smaller cutouts, like a top that shows off your shoulders; and as you get familiar with the style, try something bolder, like slip dresses with rib cage cut-outs that’s all the fire now

7. White 

Woman in a white outfit and hat posing outside

Give you black clothes a day off and wear white instead
Photo: Sandee Joseph / CurvEnvy


According to Marie Claire, white is in this spring. 

Naturally, fashionistas gravitate towards lighter colors once the temperature rises, so take a break from all-black outfits and try something brighter. An outfit in all ivory or cream is in style, and you might not even have to get new items to achieve this look.

Ditch your staples in black and try something in shades of white instead. No matter if it’s a pair of western boots in ivory, an off-white maxi chiffon dress, or a good ol’ white button-down, you’ll be able to pull off this look in your own fabulous way. 

How to Style:

  • Try that chic monochromatic look by wearing white on white!
  • If you’re not so sure about this style, try adding some accessories, like a white shoulder bag or hat to add some brightness to your looks
  • Wear a white jacket or blazer over an outfit that’s in pastel shades or lighter hues for a fresh look that reflects the season perfectly

8. Stripes

Woman in green striped pajamas and heels walking
Stripes are a spring staple this year
Photo: InStyle


If you’ve been browsing through the latest arrivals section on your favorite online stores, you might have noticed that stripes are a thing this season. If you have, you’re not alone because Vogue has noticed that, too.

Whether it’s the classic blue and white stripes, or a brightly colored striped suit, these stylish lines on your clothes bring energy to your looks, which is exactly what you need for a spring outfit.

How to Style:

  • Incorporate it with other trends (oversized shirt, wide-leg pants) to create the perfect spring look
  • Try something bolder, like multi-colored stripes with neon accents, which will def turn heads
  • Go all out by trying the clashing prints trend! Wear a striped shirt with a floral midi skirt, it’s a stylish and unique look and you won’t clash outfits with anyone else

9. Something Sheer & Airy

Woman in a sheer dress and heels crossing the road

Look pretty and dreamy in a sheer flora dress


Cozy sweaters and thick layers are great, but you won’t be needing those once spring is here. Instead, opt for mesh tops that feel like a second skin, and chiffon maxis that are airy and sheer. 

Let your airy dress billow and your mesh top add a subtle shade to its underlayers. It’s all about that dreamy look for this style.

How to Style:

  • Layer a slip dress under a transparent chiffon maxi, complete the ladylike look with heeled sock booties or strappy heels 
  • Wear a bralette or cami under a mesh top and style it with a pair of baggy khaki pants and tough boots for a grunge-inspired look
  • Wear leggings and a skin-tight top under a floral chiffon kimono. Belt it with a double-buckle belt and wear a pair of heeled cowboy boots for that western-inspired look

Sweater season is pretty great, I mean, who doesn’t like long stylish coats, super chic layers, and the moody color palette. But let’s be honest, we’re all ready to welcome florals, pastels, and something light and airy back into our wardrobe.

After seeing what spring fashion has to offer this year, it’s time to put our cozy knitwear and heavy coats to the back of our closet and enjoy the fresh styles of this lively season!