As the weather gets warmer, you won’t be needing those thick layers and heavy coats for much longer. 

It’s time to welcome florals and bright colors back into your outfits. You can try out some new styles trending this spring and even show some skin.

Speaking of showing some skin, the bra top trend is definitely in, and it is the perfect trend to do just that. 

So if you have some cool-looking sports bras, don’t just wear them to the gym or under your shirt. Recreate some of these outfit ideas and show them off this spring!


1. With a Blazer

Woman in white blazer and jeans standing

A polished white blazer contrasts nicely with the black athletic sports bra
Photo: Who What Wear via Pinterest


A nice blazer can make anything look elegant, even sports bras.

Wear a black sports bra with some high-waisted jeans, and then put on a blazer and a pair of heels in the same color to create a put-together look. A bag in matching colors will look great as well. 

This look can be worn every day without feeling like you’re trying too hard. The sports bra and jeans keep things casual, and the blazer helps to dress things up a bit. Heels also add some femininity and glamor to the look. If you want to go for a more casual look, trainers will do the trick.

2. With a Skirt

Woman in a white pencil skirt and black cardigan standing next to a concrete wall

The unlikely duo of a sports bra and a pencil skirt is a cool combo you need to try!
Photo: Bruna Vieira / Depois Dos Quinze

Dress down your pencil skirt by pairing it with a sports bra on top!

For this look, a simple sports bra would be best. Wear it with your pencil skirt, and throw on a flowy cardigan for the unpredictable spring weather. Complete the look with a pair of heeled booties and sunglasses. 

Even though simple sports bras work best with this look, you can experiment with other colors, and you can also play with the length of the skirt. Keep it monochromatic for that cool-girl vibe, or go crazy with colors to express your bold personal style.

3. With Some Colors

Woman in a pink blazer and tan track pants walking

Add a touch of playfulness to match the spring vibe!

Whether you’re into pretty pastels or bold hues, colors bring playfulness and life to your outfits.

Start with a simple sports bra and track pants for this one. If your track pants feature side stripes that match the color of your bra, all the better. Next, start adding colors. Throw on a pink striped blazer and grab a bag in another pretty color. Finish the look with a pair of elegant kitten heels to balance the sportiness of those workout clothes.

You can experiment with different colors and work with whatever you already have to create this look that is fun, colorful, and definitely screams spring. 


4. With a Denim Jacket

Woman in black leggings and a denim jacket walking on the sidewalk

Imbue some attitude into your looks with a distressed denim jacket
Photo: Desi Perkins / @desiperkins


Sports bras aren’t just good for working out or athleisure outfits, for we are tapping into grunge fashion for this look.

The fashion blogger wears a pair of high-waisted black leggings with a black Nike sports bra in the picture. She has on a distressed denim jacket over the outfit, and to add more edge to this look, she completes the look with classic Doc Martens in cherry red.

This look also works with high-waisted jeans, and a black choker or two would take the edge of the outfit up a notch. However, if you want to keep it casual and sporty, just swap the boots for your trainers.


5. With a Denim Overall

Woman in a denim overall and white sports bra standing

Look effortlessly cool with this casual yet stylish outfit
Photo: Imaxtree (via The Fashion Spot)


Channel your inner tomboy and rock an overall with a sports bra underneath.

Wear a sports bra under a denim overall, and finish the look with your comfy trainers. Take a bomber jacket with you as spring tends to be warm one second and chilly the next. When you’re not wearing the jacket, tie it around your waist to accentuate your waist.

Other colors also work with this look, so you can keep it bright with white or switch to black. You can also add a pop of color with shoes and sports bras in other hues.

6. With Pleated Trousers

Women in black bra and pleated trousers standing

A stylish balance between sportiness and business casual
Photo: Karla Garcia (Photographer) / Refinery29


Here’s how you can wear your pleated trousers outside of the office.

With a black sports bra on top and a pair of usually formal pleated trousers on the bottom, this look is stylishly balanced. A pair of platform heels with buckles gives a boost in height and makes your legs a mile-long look. Layered necklaces and bold bangles will help add some glam to the outfit and tie it together even more. 

Jewelry choices could also influence the style of this look. With this combination, the outfit has a boho feel to it. If you put on chokers and chains instead, you’ll bring edge into this look.


7. With a Flannel Shirt

 Woman in a blue shirt and black leggings walking


Keep it casual by throwing on an oversized flannel shirt
Photo: Broadimage / Shutterstock (via Hollywood Life)


If you want something casual that you can wear every day, this one's for you.

Kendall Jenner wears a pair of black leggings with a grey sports bra, a blue oversized flannel shirt, and black running shoes. She kept accessories to a minimum by wearing only a thin choker with a pendant and sunglasses. 

The great this about this outfit is that it’s perfect for everyday wear. Shirts in any color work well with this look, and you can put it together quickly. With this look, you can also get away with wearing your pajamas out. Just throw on a shirt, and you’re good to go.  


8. With Leather

Woman in a leather jacket and skirt walking

Look badass like this lady here by wearing your sports bra with leather!
Photo: Glam Radar


If you want to feel badass, wearing leather is always the solution, and this is how you’re sports bra can participate as well.

Wear a mesh top with your sports bra underneath, and then pair them with a leather skirt and a leather jacket. Finish this edgy look with a fedora and heeled biker boots all in black, and you’ll have an outfit that screams badass.

This outfit looks great without the mesh top as well, so you can go ahead rock that bra top trend with this look.


9. With Sports Leggings


Woman in blue leggings and a beige jacket standing by the pool
Go all out with your sportswear in this chic athleisure look!
Photo: Buba Matovu / Fabs Culture

If you’ve got cool workout clothes, don’t just wear them to the gym. Instead, let them shine and try sporty outfits like this one.

This blogger pairs a blue sports bra with blue leggings and throws on a beige jacket to complete the look. This look is casual, sporty, and chic, and you don’t have to be the queen of athleisure to pull it off.

This outfit is great because you probably have all these items in your closet already. While regular plain black leggings work well with this outfit, leggings with eye-catching details will help set this look apart from others. So, wear a pair that’s got mesh panels or color block details to make it stand out even more.