After working from home for months, many people have become inseparable with their sweats, leggings, and pajama shirts. Can you blame them though? Being so comfy and cozy, loungewear is designed to make you want to stay in it all day.

Good news, because loungewear chic is a thing and it’s trending this season. Whether you need to look professional for a zoom meeting, or you’re trying to think of ways to wear sweats to your office, here are some tips that will help make your loungewear appropriate for work.

1. Throw on Something More Formal on Top

Woman in a blazer and black leggings towing luggage

A nice, posh, and structured blazer will make your pajamas look work-appropriate
Photo: Splash / J Webber via Who What Wear

The first tip is also the easiest way to make your loungewear work-appropriate. 

If you want to look professional, blazers are a no-brainer. They just scream professionalism, and they polish your look. With a blazer, you can get away with wearing your leggings and cami underneath. Boots, heels, and loafers all take this professional look to the next level. 

If you’re wearing leggings underneath, wearing a long, oversized blazer might be best as it covers your bum and balances the proportions. If you find the oversized look too baggy, button your blazer up and belt it. This gives you a waistline and highlights your curves.


2. Hair & Makeup

Woman in leather leggings and a cream sweater posing

Do your hair and makeup to achieve a more professional look while wearing loungewear to work


If you find your look too casual, putting some effort into makeup and your hairdo could help up the professional vibe of your outfit.

Simple eye makeup, a bold lip, and a professional-looking hairstyle will help you feel more work-ready and confident. When doing your hair, make sure that your hair is kept out of your face, and that it is distinguishable from your everyday looks. A sleek low ponytail works well, and you can also try out different types of buns.

3. Choose Something More Form-fitting

Woman in a white blazer and tan joggers posing
Get away with wearing joggers to work with this tip!
Photo: Melissa / Always Meliss


If you want to wear joggers to work, wear a pair that’s more structured and form-fitting, instead of a slinky pair of loose yoga pants or something baggy. 

This blogger has on a pair of form-fitting joggers in tan and a white t-shirt. She throws on a structured white blazer to up the professional vibe of her look, and then completes this outfit with a pair of sleek, pointed-toe heels.

Like tip #1, this blogger also wears a blazer to look professional, and the outfit underneath could be the one she wears to bed every day. If you find it too casual, you can swap the t-shirt for a real shirt. 


4. Wear Some Jewelry

Woman in a green pencil skirt and brown sweater standing
Some bling makes your looks more polished and elegant


Like makeup, jewelry can also make a big difference when it comes to setting the vibe of an outfit. By adorning your outfit with sparkling jewelry, you can help dress up your looks.

On the picture is another great way of wearing loungewear to the office. She wears a brown sweater with an emerald green pencil skirt. To make the outfit look put-together, she puts on a pair of boots that match the color of her top. This look works just as well with a sweatshirt on top. 

If you think your outfit looks too casual with a sporty sweatshirt, that’s where jewelry comes in. Put on a necklace or two to dress up your sporty top, and wear an elegant bracelet or watch (or both) to play up the poshness of your outfit.

In terms of the type of jewelry to put on, dainty jewelry like pendant necklaces, and slim chain necklaces are best for work-appropriate looks as it ups the elegance without being too showy. One thing to remember is to not go overboard with layering, and go easy on statement pieces. After all, you are working, not attending a music festival.

5. Complete the Outfit with Serious Shoes

Woman in a white shirt and black leggings walking

Stay comfy in your leggings by dressing it up with a pair of pumps that scream business
Photo: AKM-GSI via Who What Wear


Woman in a white shirt and black leggings walking

If you’re wearing sweats or leggings to work, it’s best if you give your trainers a break that day, no matter how posh they are.

Heels, loafers, oxfords, and booties are all great footwear options to keep your outfit professional-looking. Like in the photo, Selena Gomez rocks a pair of regular leggings under an oversized shirt and a black cape. She completes the business casual look with a leather bag and a pair of pointed-toe heels.

You can easily swap the cape for a vest or blazer instead, or you can leave out the outerwear part altogether by going to work in just the oversized shirt and leggings. If the oversized look is too baggy for you, belt it to give yourself some shape.

For this outfit, trainers would make it more athleisure than business casual, and that’s why heels are better alternatives here.

Now that you have seen different ways to make your loungewear work-appropriate, try them out as wearing something comfy might help ease those Monday blues.