With the athleisure style, your performance leggings and comfy trainers are so much more than just gym wear.

If you already have all the key items of this style but are in need of some inspiration, this article is here to give you 10 outfit ideas to help you ace your winter athleisure looks. 

1. 90s Inspired

Woman in track pants and sweatshirt walking on the pavement

Track pants are back! (Photo: Inga Brauer / SUNNYINGA)

With designers taking inspiration from the 90s, lots of popular items from that era of fashion have been brought back, including track pants.

With their signature button-down legs and those colorful and sporty stripes down the sides, track pants are great for styling.

Track pants set the color palette in this outfit, which includes red, white, and black.

This German fashion blogger built her outfit around those track pants, and she picked a white sweatshirt with red printed letters and a pair of red peep-toe heels to match with the colors. She finished her look by adding white sunglasses and a black leather bag, creating a themed look that’s casual and put-together.

With a coat and a layer or two under this outfit, you will be able to stay warm while rocking that athleisure style all day. 

2. Sleek & Sporty

Woman in grey coat swinging a pink backpack

Tops with thumbholes help protect your hands from the cold (Photo: Emily Valentine Parr / Style Lobster)

In freezing temperatures, any help to stay warm is welcomed. This is why workout tops with thumbholes are great for winter.

Wear your performance leggings and a top with thumbholes underneath a sleek coat. For the finishing touch, add a beanie to shield your ears from the cold and a colorful backpack for an eye-catching detail.

Since tops with thumbholes are usually tight, they make for a great layering piece as well, and they can be worn under loose tops like sweatshirts for extra warmth.

For shoes, you can wear your comfy sneakers or trainers for this one. Alternatively, you can go for your booties if the weather is too cold for baring your ankles.

3. With a Dress

Woman in a green jacket and black dress walking on the pavement

That’s how to stay warm in a dress in winter (Photo: Sophia Roe / @sophiaroe)


For those of you who love dresses, here’s how to continue wearing them in winter.

Wear leggings under a knitted midi dress and throw on a colorful puffer jacket. A pair of trainers help give off that sporty vibe, and a belt bag that matches your shoes helps make your outfit look put-together.

A small tip is to pair your leggings with a dress in the same color to create a sleek look. Wear ankle socks or switch to booties to protect your ankles from freezing temperatures. 

4. Gym Ready

Woman in leggings and windbreaker standing

Go all out with your sportswear! (Photo: Rochelle Johnson / Beauticurve)


If you feel like looking extra athletic, then go all out and equip yourself with gym clothes from head to toe!

Pair your sweatshirt with leggings and put on a long windbreaker (go for a padded one for colder weather) for this sporty look. Add eye-catching details to this outfit by putting on some fancy sneaks and accessories.

To top it all off, add a cap or beanie, and you’ll have yourself a new go-to sporty outfit. 

5. Ride or Die

Woman in aviator jacket and sweatpants standing in the snow

Sweatpants look super cool when styled the right way (Photo: Erin Elizabeth / A Lifestyle Blog by Erin Elizabeth)

Look rebellious in a moto-inspired outfit with faux-fur aviator jackets!

Get this edgy athleisure look by wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt under a leather aviator jacket. To continue the moto theme, finish the look with a pair of black studded boots.

On an extra chilly day, layer a turtleneck under your sweatshirt and swap regular sweatpants with fleece-lined sweatpants. The extra layer and fleece will help keep you warm without sacrificing your cool personal style.

6. Color Pop

Woman in a sweatshirt and black jeans standing next to a white fence
Liven up your winter outfits with colorful sweatshirts!
(Photo: Noor / @noore)

If you’re tired of wearing dark colors all the time in winter, then this outfit is just for you. Getting a sweatshirt in vibrant colors is one of the easiest ways to add a pop of color to your all-black outfit.

Wear your black jeans and black booties with a colorful sweatshirt to achieve this look. If you feel like making it sportier, go ahead and add a beanie and swap those booties with trainers.

7. Perfectly Balanced

Woman in leggings and a coat standing in front of a brick building
A perfect example of a balanced athleisure look
(Photo: Erin Elizabeth / A Lifestyle Blog by Erin Elizabeth)


Athleisure is about mixing regular clothing items with sportswear for a casual look, and this outfit is the embodiment of that concept.

This Canadian blogger wore a pair of workout leggings and a hoodie, then she threw on a polished coat to balance the sportiness of her outfit underneath.

With a cap, a leather crossbody bag, and a pair of brown chelsea boots (and some cozy wool socks), she completed this outfit that is both chic and capable of keeping one warm.

8. Element of Surprise

Woman in a hoodie and pleated skirt walking on the lawn

Dress down your pleated skirts with a casual hoodie! (Photo: Charlotte Groeneveld / @thefashionguitar)


Add a bit of femininity to your athleisure outfits with a long pleated skirt! Hoodies and sweatshirts are great options for tops, and you can tuck them in to show your waistline, so your body doesn’t get lost in the shapeless fabrics.

Depending on how casual you want to look, you can go for hiker boots or heeled booties for shoes. The feminine skirt contrasts with the athletic hoodie, giving the outfit an unexpected twist. 

9. Go Mono

Woman in white outfit standing next to a brick building

The monotone look is in! (Photo: Helena Glazer / Brooklyn Blonde)


The first step to creating this chic look is by picking out your favorite color. Once you’ve got that covered, just wear everything in that color!

Pair a turtleneck sweater with a pair of sweatpants in your color of choice and put on a teddy bear coat and trainers in the same color. Add a bag in a similar hue and you have yourself a monotone athleisure look that’s fit for everyday wear.

10. With a Puffer Coat

Woman in a puffer coat and brown boots walking on the pavement

Long puffer coats are a guarantee of warmth and style (Photo: Darja Barannik / @darjabarannik)


In the past, puffer coats were to be avoided at all costs by fashionistas. Now, due to the rise of athleisure, puffer coats are one of the most sought-after items in winter!

Seriously, though, padded with feathers or lighter synthetic materials that insulate you from the cold temperatures, puffer coats are a must-have for winter months.

They are also a great athleisure piece, for they give off a sporty and casual vibe no matter what you wear underneath. If you want a more distinct athletic look to your outfit, you can swap heeled boots for trainers and add a beanie. 

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